Silesia City Center*

  • Commencement of construction 2004
  • Project Opening 2005
  • Developer and property manager Strabag
  • Total Development Cost in Euro 180 000 000
  • Number of Retail units 210
  • GLA (m2) 66 000
  • GBA (m2) 120 000
  • Parking Spaces 3 000
  • Designer BOSE International Stabil & Partners

Silesia City Center is the first project of TriGranit in Poland. The decision to place the first investment in Poland in the Silesia was influenced by the fact that this region plays an important role in the Polish economy and is one of the most densely populated regions with 2.9 million people live within 45 minutes driving distance from the Center. Silesia City Center is the largest multifunctional commercial center in the Silesia region. The center has an excellent location on Chorzowska Street, 1.5 km from the center of Katowice. The Silesia City Center comprises shopping, entertainment, recreational, cultural and service areas.

*The marked projects are the former developments of the Group and due to the sale of the projects there is no legal relationship between the Group and these projects.