National Theatre*

  • Commencement of construction 2000
  • Project Opening 2002
  • Developer and property manager TriGranit
  • Designer Mária Siklós

The construction of the National Theatre began on 14 September 2000, and, after a construction process of record-breaking speed, it was completed in a little over 15 months. The artists were able to take possession of the building on 2 January 2002, when rehearsals began for the inaugural performance on 15 March. In functional terms, the theatre is divided into three parts. The central part comprises the auditorium, with an almost circular ground plan, and the studio theatre. This part is surrounded by the audience areas and the U-shaped technical wing bordering the main stage. The theatre is surrounded by parking areas. Together with the open-air stage, the area of the theatre is 21,000 m2.

*The marked projects are the former developments of the Group and due to the sale of the projects there is no legal relationship between the Group and these projects.