We are able to provide the full range of development management services, covering the entire development process:

  1. Preconstruction:
    1. detailed feasibility analysis and market research;
    2. detailed review and analysis of the planned timetable and assessment of the need for any further third party service providers;
    3. due diligence on key risks related to permitting and environmental issues;
    4. analysing infrastructure and permitting risks.
  2. Design:
    1. brief to a third party architect in order to have the design concept in place;
    2. preliminary pro-forma Budget based on concept design;
    3. supervision of the conceptual design, building license, permits and tender design of the Project, excluding any zoning changes which may be required.
  3. Construction:
    1. Services related to the tendering, supervising and coordination of construction works, in both a) construction management and b) general contractor alternatives.
  4. Completion:
    1. Commissioning, assigning and taking-over of the Project

In parallel to the above mentioned phases of development, we are able to provide during the development period:

  • Third Party Finance Procurement Advisory Services
  • Leasing and Marketing Services
  • Sale and Disposition Agency Services