Granit Polus has an in-house legal department, consisting of four full time lawyers admitted to the Budapest Bar Association, plus a junior lawyer and a legal assistant. The legal department provides a comprehensive service for the group, including corporate, employment, M&A, banking & finance, compliance, permitting and most importantly, real estate. According to the policies of the group, all transactions concluded by any entity within Granit Polus require a written contract approved by finance and legal department, and most of the documents are prepared in-house.

In addition to the lawyers engaged in the head office, all projects have dedicated lawyers, supervised from the headquarters and external lawyers are also frequently engaged for specific transactions, also working under instructions of the legal department.

The in-house lawyers participate in project and departmental meetings and assist the group in establishing guidelines for corporate governance and internal policies and procedures and supervise implementation thereof. They also assist in corporate liaisons with shareholders and directors, prepare resolutions and minutes of their meetings.