Palace of Arts

  • Commencement of construction 2002
  • Project Opening 2005
  • Developer and property manager Granit Polus
  • Total Development Cost in Euro 130 000 000
  • GBA (m2) 67 000
  • Parking Spaces 620
  • Designer Zoboki Demeter

Aside from pursuing its business goals, it is also Granit Polus’s intention to help support culture and the arts. To this end, the Millennium City Center is the site of a cultural development unprecedented in the previous century. To supplement the National Theatre, Granit Polus has, with the cooperation of the Hungarian Ministry of Culture, developed a brand new building complex to house the Ludwig Museum, the Festival Theatre and the National Concert Hall in the Millennium City Center. The Palace of Arts was built through a public private partnership (PPP) with the Hungarian government and is the first PPP of its kind in Central Europe. This project is the prototype for future PPPs being planned by Granit Polus throughout the region.