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Granit Polus Group, now encompassing a fully integrated real estate development and management business, was established almost 20 years ago. In the last two decades, the company has established a reputation for delivering major, highly successful retail, office and residential projects across seven countries.

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Sándor Demján
Sándor Demján


Mr. Sándor Demján, founder and chairman of Granit Polus Group was an exceptional entrepreneur and business magnate. In 1976 he introduced the department store called Skála, the first Western European style shopping mall to the Hungarian market. 

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The Team


  • András Vogel

    András Vogel

    Chairman Open CV
  • Gyula Ágházi

    Gyula Ágházi

    Chief Executive Officer Open CV
  • György Kézdy

    György Kézdy

    Member of the Board Open CV
  • Zsolt Szabó

    Zsolt Szabó

    Vice-President Open CV
  • Dr. András Sallay

    Dr. András Sallay

    Vice-President Open CV
  • János Görföl

    János Görföl

    Vice-President Open CV


  • Gyula Ágházi

    Gyula Ágházi

    Chief Executive Officer Open CV
  • Zoltán Lehoczky

    Zoltán Lehoczky

    Chief Financial Officer Open CV
  • Miklós Gyertyánfy

    Miklós Gyertyánfy

    Chief Operating Officer Open CV
  • Nóra Szabó

    Nóra Szabó

    Director of HR Open CV
  • Orsolya Kovács

    Orsolya Kovács

    Director of Communications and Marketing Open CV
  • András Gönczy dr.

    András Gönczy dr.

    Director of Legal Open CV
  • Attila Kovács

    Attila Kovács

    Director of Facility & Capex Management Open CV
  • Zsuzsa Marti

    Zsuzsa Marti

    Director of Bank Financing Open CV

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