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Marketing Project Manager The Marketing Project manager will be responsible for planning and overseeing global marketing campaigns for the company, ensuring that marketing projects are delivered on time and done with the required precision. She/He will plan, manage, and execute projects related to marketing challenges. She/He will oversee the planning, development, design, execution, monitoring, and completion of our marketing projects. She/He will be responsible for turning the strategies into reality with the team members’ help.

Duties and responsibilities


·         Is in charge of supervising and managing all the marketing projects from the initial stage to their completion. To accomplish that, the candidate will create marketing KPIs based on marketing project goals, following up marketing project timelines, and reporting to the executive team.

·         Is in charge of planning, managing, executing, and organizing projects related to marketing or business strategy.

·         Creates and manages content calendars keeping in mind the marketing strategy.

·         Schedules and monitors marketing projects and campaigns in line with the company standards.

·         Is responsible for mapping projects, and supervising project tasks to execute the strategy.

·         Manages, creates, and schedules content calendars while mentioning deadlines for each task.

·         Manages, negotiates, purchases and bids on external supplier services to accomplish budgets.

·         Ensures that all the marketing projects are carried out as smoothly as possible and are delivered on time.

·         Comes up with ideas to enhance the company’s outreach with unique marketing ideas.

·         Develops and maintains project files and other similar documentation within the marketing project domain ranging from logging and tracking to charts and instructions.

·         Collaborates with the marketing team for market and consumer research.

·         Prepares timelines for projects and make sure they are seen through utmost precision and within the established budget.

·         Ensures that the team’s marketing project goals are understood, and all the required communication tools identified to achieve those goals.

·         Communicates with all the stakeholders and carries out supervisory duties with efficiency wherever required.

·         Develops and maintains a healthy working relationship with all the different departments within the company to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow within the projects.




  • In case of job holder is not active (holiday, sick leave) the Head of Marketing deals with job related issues in short term.
  • in case the Head of Marketing is inactive (holiday, sick leave) the Marketing Project Manager replaces her/him short term.


·         Good communication skills and prior experience with handling marketing projects.

·         Bachelor’s degree in marketing, management, or related business field.

·         Exceptional decision-making and organizational skills necessary to supervise marketing projects.

·         Prior experience of working based on the project management and best practices.

·         Detail-oriented individual, with strategic planning and leadership qualities.

  • Relevant experience, minimum 5 year.
  • Knowledge of online and offline activities.
  • Good English, verbal and written.
  • IT: Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint developed user level), digital media.
  • Personal competencies: creative, harmonic thinking, positive thinking, enthusiastic marketer, empathetic, team member/cooperator, good in decision making, determined, eager to learn.


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